Products & Packages

  • The Process

    As the plans are set and the resources are gathered, the perfect product is constructed to make your business thrive.

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  • Delivery Time

    Depending on the package you choose, the time it may take to deliver your product may vary. It takes around 2-5 days to recieve your finished product after your purchase.

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  • Communication

    Communication is key to sharing creative thoughts. Ionic Solutions offers communication through WhatsApp, Email, and Discord. Virtual meetings through Google Meet are also available with the Standard Package.

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What makes Ionic better than the rest?

  • World Class Products

    Ionic uses products such as Premiere Pro, After Effects, Topaz AI, and Audacity.

  • Product Reconstruction

    Product Reconstruction is the perfect solution for renovating old, mediocre videos and turning them into high quality and stunning video.

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  • Advertisement Coaching

    Ionic offers coaching on how to market/advertise your product. Marketing/advertisement Coaching is exclusive to Standard and Premium Packages.

  • Unique Techniques

    Ionic offers unique and inovative ways to improve the quality and enjoyment of our products. Examples would be AI Enhanced Video Quality, Meridian Response, AI Enhanced Video Stabilization, and fine tuned Audio Mixing.



    Ionic Solutions has not made any sales as of the launch date (2/22/2023). All video examples were not created nor are they owned by Ionic Solutions.